Francine Mireles

Francine Mireles is the owner and lead photographer of Francine Mireles Photography. Francine graduated from Pitzer College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in East Asian Studies, and holds a Master's Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Francine's interests in language and cross-cultural learning eventually led her to spend nearly a decade living abroad during and after college. It was while living abroad that Francine discovered a passion for photography. What began as an interest in documenting her new home/environment through street and portrait photography, later evolved into wedding, engagement, and event photography when she moved back home to Los Angeles. Francine aims to capture the beauty and emotion of the moment so that she can produce timeless and authentic photographic memories for her clients -- memories that they can cherish and pass down for generations to come.  

Francine's style can best described as simple, timeless, and romantic. As she continues to polish her photographic style, Francine is constantly learning from great photographers like Ansel Adams, Jasmine Star, Rocco Ancora, and Jose Villa to name a few. 

Fun Facts About The Artist

Francine lived in and traveled throughout China and Japan...alone (three cheers for solo female travel!!!). Other languages that Francine speaks include: Mandarin Chinese and Spanish...well, more like Spanglish (She's definitely riding that second generation Spanish-speaking train).

When Francine is not behind her camera's lens, she can be found inside of her classroom teaching her awesome students. :) 


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